Cramer’s lightning round: I would start a position in Abbott Labs

Annaly Capital Management: “One of the reasons I have not liked Annaly is because I don’t really know what they own to be able to tell you what the dividend is saying. … I’ve been against it for ages.”

Constellation Brands: “I keep thinking when will it bottom, but I also know that Constellation is, as you said, it’s very heavy, it’s a great seller of ours. You lose such a huge percentage of your business, it’s very hard to find a bottom. If you buy it at 3% yield, it’s at 2.5%, maybe that’s a good level to start buying. It’s a different kind of time.”

Rockwell Automation: “They are incredibly well managed. … Maybe you buy some and then you wait down another 10%.”

Del Taco: “It happens to be a really good company, but that’s not mattering” for the stock.

Co-Diagnostics Inc.: “This is a COVID-19 lottery ticket. I’m not going to call it more than that. … I’d rather be in something more substantial.”

Abbott Laboratories: “Abbot Labs was down $6 today. … If you had to start buying a position of all the stocks I’ve heard today it would be Abbott Labs, ABT.”

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